Pandemic Summer

Like many people, I am scared and anxious. I turn to my work, old Cure songs, and my garden to help.

Some flowers

Roses and Foxgloves
An Abundance of Daisies
Rose Campion (and more Daisies)

Some wishes:

Effective COVID 19 vaccines

An end to systematic racism

A new US President

Be Well!

Dare Mighty Things

On a visit to JPL last year, I saw this sign in a building:


1620721_10204610843612551_5022080800203955897_n (1)


I’m not a scientist, not even close. I am in awe of all things inventive and new about science. I love the realm of possibility.


Dare Mighty Things doesn’t even make sense exactly. I mean, how do you dare a thing? Yet, that’s one of the reasons why I like the sign so much.


My sons and other members of my family have science brains. They can wrap their heads around abstract possibility, force, nature, numbers. I stand back and nod in awe.

Innovation leads to success,

Yet, failure is also a huge part of innovation.

Daring means things go wrong too. Mighty doesn’t happen unless we take risks

I think pretty much everything Elon Musk does is amazing, yet even with an innovative company like Space X, failure happens.

I cannot create an alternative fueled spaceship or navigate rovers on planets, but I can write.

The past few years I’ve had my own version of spectacular rockets blowing up.

Years of work on novels end in fiery ruin.

I stare at the pieces and start over,

Do it again

And again

And again.


Sometimes, it gets hard,

Painfully, wretchedly hard.

But what other choice do I have?


I have to create.

I have to write.

I cannot stop.


When I face that blank screen, the possibilities swarm through my brain.

My own version of space travel starts when my fingers hit the keyboard.

To possibility and beyond!