Wind, rain, and melting snow.

Ways to Appear
(in response to “Ways to Disappear” by Camile Rankine)

In a hallway
with lifted eyes
wrapped in a scarf,
A pair of stomping boots,
not afraid of noise.

Going to the store
going to the beach
Strolling down a narrow road
in Paris, San Gimignano, Capri.

Lifting a voice
raising a hand
sitting in the front row,

Stepping onto stage.

Figuring out the mystery
putting all the parts back together
discovering where the body is buried
long forgotten--
long given up on,
Long ago.

Talking about loss.

Running on a track
Running on a trail

Noticing the blue lighting
on the path in the snow
when the walk takes you


A snowy day


An awful year is over. I’m not naive enough to think everything will be better with the start of the new year.

I am hopeful, however.

We have new leadership coming . . .

We have working vaccines for Covid-19. Yeah, Science!

I am still writing words, sentences, paragraphs, manuscripts, books . . .

Happy New Year!

Misty Evening
Winter Morning on Turtleback Mountain

Pandemic Summer

Like many people, I am scared and anxious. I turn to my work, old Cure songs, and my garden to help.

Some flowers

Roses and Foxgloves
An Abundance of Daisies
Rose Campion (and more Daisies)

Some wishes:

Effective COVID 19 vaccines

An end to systematic racism

A new US President

Be Well!