A Blast from the Past

I’ve been organizing bookshelves in my office, and I found some classics from my past.

When I was 13, I had to make a decision about continuing my Catholic faith. I decided to step away from the church, and I had many questions. This book helped me with that:



Well-worn reminders of why books are so important.

I had almost forgotten about this fun middle grade adventure:


Check out these great interior illustrations:


As Long as we have Beauty

Today is the penultimate eve of the new presidency. Like many, I have great fears for our future. Not only does idea of a horrible world leader terrify me, but the new reign of greed, well, that terrifies me as well.

These are scary times.

Yes, it is also a time of action.

Many are drawn to march and serve in public office, which is awesome.

There are other ways to fight against the hate.

As long as we can create, we can move forward.

We can create beauty, and as long as we have beauty, we have hope.

As long as we appreciate the beauty, we have hope.

And I hope to create beauty in truth through the characters and worlds I create.

Here’s something beautiful from one of my favorite composers. It’s worth a listen when the news is getting you down.


From “The Infinite”

From “The Infinite”

So with my mind I encompass an eternity,
And the seasons die, and the present lives
In that sound. And in the middle of all that
Immensity, my thought drowns itself:
Sweet to me, to be shipwrecked in this sea.

—Giacamo Leopardi, translated by Richard Jackson

Darkness and Light

This is the time of year where the sun sits low in the sky and rain falls sometimes ceaselessly.

So much bad news in recent weeks and too many deaths.

It’s easy to fall into the darkness.

Yet, it’s not my nature to do so.

I find light in unusual places.


Moments of sunshine


and comfort when everything else feels chaotic and unsure.