Looking for Whales

I spent last Saturday morning at Lime Kiln State Park on San Juan Island.

It was still early. The crowds hadn’t arrived yet.

Lime Kiln State Park
Lime Kiln State Park

I searched for whales, but there were none to be found. I saw some harbor porpoises, but they disappeared before I could get a photo.

The lighthouse looked lovely in the morning light.



The Year Ahead

Here’s my last post for 2012.

I went to my favorite beach with my family.

Saw a whale spout and another, and a magnificent fluke rose up from the water and the creature dove deep.

I would have caught it on camera, but I was too busy watching.

The gentle baleen whales, the gray whales,

My favorite animals.

We climbed on rocks,


Looked in tide pools.

I love how the water sculpts the rocks.


A beautiful afternoon.


And evening . . .


A prelude to the beautiful year ahead.

Dream the beautiful and work through the impossible . . .

Happy New Year!

Christmas Eve

It’s seventy degrees with perfect blue skies. This is far removed from my usual rainy and soggy island.

Driving along Pacific Coast Highway, I spied the mist spray of a whale surfacing in the calm waters.  It’s early for gray whale migration, but I imagine that’s what I saw.

If I believed in omens, I would say this is an omen for good things to come. For I am sure in a fictional world a gray whale would be my familiar.

Or, perhaps I’ve had too much sun today.

I spent the afternoon on Leo Carrillo Beach. With craggy rocks, caves, and tide pools, this beach is probably my favorite of all.

I wish everyone happiness and good things to come for the new year.