Weekly Poem-11-18-15 Starling Murmation

I have many poems sitting around on my computer collecting dust. I decided to start sharing some of them. I am far from being a brilliant poet, but this seems like the right thing to do. 


Starling Murmation


Patterns of pepper separate and swirl together

A vortex of wings,

Waves across the sky scatter and connect,

Over the cottonwood trees

Branches like shredded ribbons from the wind.

Silver leaves tarnished under clouded sky.


The birds merge and separate,

Twisted into a helix of wing and body.


Shifting of light and shadow,

The patterns illuminate something active

Controlled choreography

Not random or indifferent,


Patterns seeking connection.

Each bird responsible for a piece of twisted sky,

Perfect swarms of light.

(From November 2011)


This poem came about after seeing a bird murmation near Crescent Beach on Orcas Island. 

REMINDERS about WEEKLY POEMS: If you decide to use my poem somewhere, please let me know, credit the author, and link it back to my website. Thank you!

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