On the Verge

I know I often say how busy I am.

I am super busy right now. To give you an idea, a full schedule with my day job is when I teach four classes. Often I teach five.

Well, this fall I’m teaching six classes for four different universities.

The life of an adjunct . . . But, that’s another topic (too ugly for today).

Yes, I am busy.

Oddly enough, despite my lack of time, I’m jolting with creative energy.

While I’m finishing up a YA novel, I had an idea on how I can completely change the voice of a middle grade story I wrote long ago.  I thought of a picture book story, and another ten minute play. I worked on some monologues for an upcoming show, drafted two articles, and and plotted out three new YA novels (I will need to choose one to start with).

I feel like I’m standing outside of myself looking in and wondering what happened. Where did all this creative energy come from? Why now when I don’t have time? Part of this is wonderful. Who wouldn’t want all of these cool writing vibes to play with? Yet, I’m frustrated as well. I would like to drop all six of my classes and run down the paths of all of these stories.

From where I stand, the scenery ahead in stunning.




Oh, I’m  so sorry if you’re seeing advertisements on my blog. WordPress started adding them (without alerting me), and now I will have to pay extra to have them removed.

I’m not very happy with WordPress right now.

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