>Impatient for Patience

>Ah, Valentine’s Day.
Chocolate, a romantic dinner, roses, wearing a great dress and slow dancing to a sultry jazz tune . . .

Well, not quite.
A mad dash to make dinner, help with homework, and remind the boys to clean their rooms.
Wrestling with a stalling Internet connection while I try to set up a grade book for a class starting tomorrow.
Dirty dishes piled up in the sink.

Not exactly romantic.

I’m thoroughly tired of winter and am impatient for some early spring blooms. My work grows monotonous, and I long for some good news.


Yes, patience. This is something I think I have little time for, yet it is exactly what I need. The daffodils will bloom (and soon). The days will grow warmer, and the frog and birdsong will return.

Most of all, I need to be patient with my craft. My writing works best when I take the time to pause and reflect.

A pause, and I can begin again in a flurry of passion.

I hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with passionate activity!

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