>Winter Arrives

>Okay, so it’s that time of year again.

I adore spring, enjoy fall, tolerate summer, but winter?  

The dim daylight, the incessant rain, and snow. Yes, snow.

This past week we jumped into winter with plunging below average temperatures.

After lamenting the sudden, severe frost death of my garden (I still had roses ready to bloom), I prepared myself for the inevitable falling of snow.

I enjoy the snow–truly. I like the transformation of the landscape, the white blanket of newness. I love the silence and the sound of crunching the white layers underfoot.

Driving in snow? I can think of many things I would rather endure than trying to negotiate a car on icy, snow packed roads without guardrails.

At our house, we all decided the ideal snow day happens when we have nowhere to go and have ample provisions.

On Thanksgiving this year, we had such a day. 

I hope you find moments of beauty in your winter landscape.

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